Highlights of the year


We have issued statements in 38 consultation cases on proposals for new and amended regulations that have consequences for the business community. We have maintained operations despite the coronavirus pandemic and remote working

Full staffing

In 2020, we had our first year with eight permanent employees in the secretariat. We have broad expertise and professional backgrounds.

The tracing project

We have established a system for examining the effects of the Norwegian Better Regulation Council’s statements. We have reviewed 145 consultative hearings where the Norwegian Better Regulation Council has issued a statement. Where our statements indicate insufficient quality in regulatory impact assessments (“red statements”), our statement has been commented on in about 76 per cent of the cases where decision documents are available.

Surveys of Covid-19 cases

Since March 2020, we have examined 48 regulatory proposals related to Covid-19, which were sent out for consultation and which affected the business community. We have developed a separate system for identifying typical features and trends in the studies and reports.

Media and lectures

We have had a clear role in the public debate and have been referenced in the media. We have given presentations and lectures in several relevant forums, including presentations at the Forenklingskonferansen (Simplification Conference) and presentations at an international study seminar in Iceland

Guidance and cooperation

We have taken an active role in international co-operation on professional topics in our area, with close co-operation with Nordic, European and international actors. We have had extensive dialogue with the public administration about work related to studies and reports in general and guidance regarding specific statements.