Mandate and organisation

The Norwegian Better Regulation Council’s mandate is to scrutinize Regulatory Impact Assessments (RIA) in proposals for new or amended legislation that affect the business sector. In doing so, the Council shall assess whether the Instructions for Official Studies are adhered to and whether impacts on business are sufficiently described. The Council is also tasked with assessing whether regulations proposed reach their intentions with the lowest possible costs for business.

The Norwegian Better Regulation Council’s mandate

  1. Issues written advisory statements on proposals for new or amended laws and regulations at the stage of public consultation.
  2. Follows developments and practice in the area of regulatory policy and better regulation.
  3. Issues general guidance to promote effective regulation.
  4. Can assist ministries in examining impact assessments accompanying EU proposals.

The Council

The members of the Norwegian Better Regulation Council were appointed in December 2015. The Council comprises a Chair, Deputy Chair, three other Council members and an alternate member. The Council members normally have a term of office of four years with the option to prolong for a single term. The Council members are selected based on their expertise, professional integrity and extensive knowledge of the business community and the Norwegian regulatory process. They also have differing geographical affiliations. The Council holds meetings approximately once every month. The Council can also review cases between meetings. Sandra Riise has been the Chair of the Council since it was established in 2016. Riise is former CEO of Accounting Norway, the professional association for accountants in Norway.

The Secretariat

A Secretariat, attached to the Norwegian Better Regulation Council, assists with the preparation of draft statements to be reviewed by the Council. The Secretariat is also responsible for ongoing case handling, advisory work, and following up responsible ministries and regulators that receive critical statements. The Secretariat is located in Hønefoss and its members’ expertise lies within economics and law. Dag Aarnes has been the Director of the Secretariat since 2018. Aarnes has a degree in Economics and has extensive experience from both the public and private sectors.